Services we provide:

  Purchase Scrap Metal at our facility
We accept scrap metal from industry, businesses, government,
 organizations, and individuals.

      Industrial Roll-off containers for your business
Standard Iron  provides a variety of containers to the                                
 manufacturing and industrial sector.  Our fleet of trucks are ready for              
 immediate drop off and pickup services.  Please
contact us if you are in          
 need of an industrial container for your facility.

      Mobile Car Crushing
We operate car crushing crews for the auto salvage industry.                 
 Our experienced teams are efficient and environmentally sound when            
 working at your auto salvage.  
Contact us for the most competitive                  
 pricing for your autos.  

  Sell used steel
We have an inventory of used plate, angles, pipe, and structural
 steel for sell at our facility.  Please contact
Standard Steel for purchases
 of new iron, aluminum, and fabricator services.

  Standard Steel Company
                                         1400 East Reno
                                  Oklahoma City, OK 73117  
                                     Phone: 405-232-6178